Prancing Like Jake

Ok, I’m not prancing like Jake ’cause I’ve still got my major. Err… well, I guess he still has one of them, but all the same.

So far the semester hasn’t pounded me into the ground. Then again, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten seven hours of sleep. Last Friday night, actually. Oh well… I suppose a busy schedules necessitates certain compromises between lack of sleep or lack of preparation for classes. Unfortunately, it’s a negative relationship and putting more time into one (at least thus far) seems to mean getting less of the other. I need to work it out so I can study earlier in the day. This may mean studying on Saturday. Listens for a GASP

Things are going fairly well right now. I’m not _too_ behind in classes, I’m staying busy with various Navigators activities, and I’ve had some time recently to spend with God and that’s been good. Another encouraging thing is seeing the guys in our (Ray and I’s) Bible study this semester. We’ve got some guys that seem eager to learn and grow closer in relationship to God.

I’m thinking about going to Florida this summer. This year, Navs has started a new STP in Jacksonville, Florida. The idea is you get a 40 hour/week job and then you spend the nights and weekends receiving spiritual training and doing evangelism. It’s an eight week program in July and August. For me, this program would be a nice balance between getting an internship and learning a bit more about what kind of career my major could have and spiritual training that would further prepare me for taking the gospel of Christ wherever I go whether it’s the workplace or Asia or some bizarre combination of the two.