8 Page Papers Make Me A Dull Boy

Yes, it’s true, I’m bitter

-ly tired. Something about the caffeine helps me keep going. Why am I awake at 3:40AM? Not because of the paper anymore. It’s because of the caffeine. So I’ll be going to bed soon. If it’ll wear off.

Uhm… oh, yes. My poetry teacher instructed us to write an eight page paper reviewing and discussing elements of a poetry book of our choice. I focused a lot on the themes in the book. I don’t know what half of the stuff meant. I don’t think I’m supposed to, either. “This Tree Will Be Here For A Thousand Years”, will it? Ha! Where is my saw? Where is my axe? Robert Bly is a fine writer, but even he realizes most trees don’t make it 1000 years. Or whatever it is the tree is a metaphor attached to.

Today proves reminiscent of my week in general. Lots of stuff to do. Not tons of free time. Tiredness. Wasted time.

Then sleep. Sleep always comes later.

The question that remains, when will the questions about the future be answered: before sleep or months from now? Or perhaps laced into those rare nights with dreams remembered.

‘twould be nice.

My Nineveh

Title: My Nineveh
Author: Erundur Anwamehtar
Date: 11/04/2003

I heard a beckoning today.
It’s happened before, even
Yesterday and on Sunday.

Will this be my Nineveh
Or will I listen?

I went for a summer. Two months turned short
Though daunting at the time,
Looming like Fuji-san.

Two years,
What’s that?
A speck, a splatter,
a brush’s stroke
beckoning me

Will this be my Nineveh
Or will I listen?

Is this my Nineveh
Or am I mistaken?

I will ask.

All Hallow’s Eve

Today and tonight simply have been spectacular.

Things God’s blessed me with:
amazing friendships
• hope
wisdom (Bible, Holy Spirit, some manly influences in my life [Matt W., Phil, Chase, Ray, Dennis — you guys rock], and MANY other people)
a future

Tonight was the Navigator’s Halloween Par-tay. Prior to that was a one-hour Nav Nite with six different workshops, 20 minutes each, pick 3.

I picked Meditation, Sabbath, and Spiritual Warfare. A couple of Navigator staff from Africa lead the Meditation and Spiritual Warfare workshops. Both of these were interesting.

The Meditation workshop used an analogy about scripture I hadn’t thought about before: taking the scripture, reading it, defining words, inquiring, and looking at the content and the emphasis are part of finding a rough jewel and polishing it into a dazzling gem which reflects light and beauty.

Jenny lead the Sabbath workshop. She brought up a lot of good verses on finding rest in God, having a Sabbath day, and that it’s a gift. It’s something she’s been learning about lately and she did a good job of conveying it.

The Spiritual Warfare talk held my interest. The presence of demonic activity and demonic influences isn’t something given much credit in America, or is usually ignored. I found it interesting that some of what people dismiss as pscyhological problems could be a spiritual struggle. Nelson’s also going to email information and scripture about it to me.

After all of that, the Nav Halloween Par-Tay commenced. I got up there, paid, went in, and Jenny asked if I’d go get something to eat with her since she hadn’t eaten dinner. “Sure.” Jenny, a girl from Kauffman, and I went over to Amigos, got some food, and had good conversation.

Then back to the Par-Tay. Dancing, etc. Only one country-swing dance while I was there, but it was enjoyable. Lots of techno. Different. Jenny and Jake shared their testimonies and talked about how knowing God has changed their lives. They both did a good job.

Eventually I left and came home. Now I’m tired. I’ve had a good conversation with Mandy (my cousin) on IM(Instant Messenger) and that’s been nice.

I’ll be going to bed soon. G’night.

Costumes of Note:
• Jake – Scary Uncle Jake
• Jenny – hispanic dancer
• Tracy – woman in a Poodle skirt (I never realized a poodle image was actually supposed to be on the skirt.)
• Phil – 80s Army Man w/ short shorts
• Hatfield – William Wallace
• me – McDonalds employee or after-work McDonalds employee