Plus One – Not a Boy Band (Anymore)

Plus One isn’t a boy band anymore. CMCentral has an interview discussing all the changes that’ve happened and a bit about the first single (“Be Love”) off their new album “Exodus.”

The interview doesn’t just stay shallow, some questions actually go deep, and I appreciate that.

Nate Cole: So that’s what I’m learning now: rather than going out and talking about it so much, I want to live it out. It’s about how we treat each other. You know, “the world will know we are Christians by our love.”

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4 thoughts on “Plus One – Not a Boy Band (Anymore)”

  1. i was just wondering where i could contact Nate Cole?
    all you fans out there keep supporting +1 and keep on loving the Lord! love always Rachel

  2. +1 is the best! When i first started to become a true christian the only christian music i listened to was +1. I even went to six flags and spent the whole entire day buy myself just to see them. They are the best. God bless!

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