My Weekend Thus Far

It’s been a swell weekend. Tracy’s birthday was on Friday (happy birthday to youuuu…). Also, Nav Nite and afterwards went to Jacob V.’s for cards and hanging out. Today (Saturday) I painted windows for an hour before my hands got too numb to continue. 4L was around for a while this afternoon. Video games attracted a lot of attention during the day and night including Half-Life, Diablo 2, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Tyler, Phil, Jake, and Luebbe all involved at various points of the day.

Around dinnerish time, headed down to Chipotle and watched Matrix: Revolutions with some other Navigator’s and some of the freshman guys. The fajita was tasty and kept me full for a few hours. The movie … I liked it, but… nothing beats the first. Smith is the most dynamic and interesting character. The plot resolves itself to an extent at the end, but… nothing beats the first. _shrug_ Oh well. It’s hard to keep the momentum going for three movies.