Home, Home on the Suburb

Hello, friends, family, and three other people! (I’m approximating, I have entirely no idea how many people will read this.)

The good news is, I’m at home! Yay! Many of my friends are at Main Event for the weekend. It’s a Navigators conference. They get to here John Piper speak, but I get to hear my family speak! Mark C. is coming down from U of Wyoming today, too.

My brother Isaac got a girlfriend yesterday. I was surprised. Her name is Stacy. It’s his second girlfriend ever. He says he’s more happy than when he quit the International Bacclaureate program earlier this year. (This means really happy.) I hope it goes well for you, Isaac. If it ever gets tough, remember to take it to God.

My dad’s out hunting today and tomorrow. Hopefully the group he’s going with will get lucky this year and get some meat. It won’t do me much good since I won’t be here to consume any of it, but that’d be good for my family.

I watched Matrix Reloaded on DVD last night. It makes more sense the second time. I tend to notice plot development and saw more connections between events than previously. Some of the philosophical discussion is still difficult to grasp, but I think caught some aspects of the “cause/affect” chain trickling through.