Sweet Happenings at Festival Con Dios

Festival Con Dios rocked my world in all the right ways: musically, spiritually, and experientially. Bands/groups/artists I especially enjoyed include Sanctus Real, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless, and the Newsboys.

KJ-52 was there as well and I really enjoyed his performance. He did a few of his songs including “Back in the Day,” a few other tracks off his new album “It’s Pronounced Five-Two”, and his new track Dear Slim Part 2. He told a bit of the backstory behind the song including the handing of his Dear Slim track to Eminem at the VMA(Video Music Awards) a couple years back by a youth pastor, MTV playing part of the track and dissing him as an Eminem wannabe, and how much he cares about Eminem, prays for him, and hopes God will change his life.

A bit after KJ’s performance he was at his booth signing autographs. I got to tell him a bit about the comments I’ve gotten on some lyricsposts on this site. I also got to let him know how much I appreciate his message and his concern for Eminem ’cause not a lot of people would be doing that. Keep it up, Jonah.

Jake talked to him after I did. He got his signature and all that, too.

We got Kutless’s signatures, too. They’ve got a new CD coming out February 24 and played a couple of new songs at the show. The band delved into the performance. The lead singer at one point climbed onto a stack of speakers about ten feet high and jumped off of them. “Woah… sweet!”

Full moons are tight. It’s even more impressive when it’s climbing its arch through the sky and ascends right above the top of the stage while the Newsboys are playing songs and worshipping God with the crowd. People were putting their hands up even though many arms were exhausted by that point of the show (mine were at that point: five hours after arriving).

And then I ate a hot dog and we all came back to Lincoln.

And in case anyone was wondering, Mizzie is married, so stay away. (Read it on the Fest site.)