Poem: Modiglian
For Modiglian, a truly interesting acquaintance
Author: Erundur Anwamehtar
Last Modified: 10/5/2003

I wish the jolly, blue frogs
causing heavy-metal mayhem
would leave the dreams of the lonely, Spanish shop-owner
so he could sleep,
his depression end,
and he could perhaps finish
a sentence

without resorting to rambling,
crazed descriptions of the Japanese animation
which causes his nose to twitch,
his eyes to water like a rabbit’s
that narrowly escaped
death under the feet of a bull in a festival
celebrating running

but isn’t an anime marathon at all
and therefore wouldn’t interest the shop-owner
any more than the batteries and local maps
he sells to misguided tourists
who don’t know
the shortest distance between right and wrong is nothing but perspective.

No Longer Enticing

Poem: No Longer Enticing
Author: Erundur Anwamehtar
Last Modified: 12/6/2001

Dirt-stained shoes slowly sink walking over the surrounding stale snow.
The screech of an ice-scraper is diminished by the swirling cold.
A boy drives across town in a blue, hatch-backed car to buy a rose.
Upon returning home, no woman waited within to receive its precarious scent.
He can taste happiness, but it remains a ghost memory enticing him no more.