Country Swingin’ Madness

Tonight was the Navigator’s Barn Dance. This is my forth year at UNL, but only the first time I’ve been to the barn dance which has been an annual tradition for longer than I’ve been here. Apparently there was square dancing, but I missed that segment of the action arriving fashionably late. Pat and Danielle gave their testimonies. After that, the country music kicked in and the dancing began.

As a result of said dancing, I’m tired. I danced with a lot of different women and had a great time. Oh! I got a new t-shirt from the thrift store before the dance. It’s spifftacular. I may even wear it to church because it’s nice quality.

Afterwards, went over to Kim’s house where many people congregated. A bunch of sophomores. I’m pretty sure I was the oldest there. Lively banter and such, but got a ride home after about an hour.