MxPx at UNL Tonight

Tonight is a free concert from “MxPx”: courtesy of the RHA(Residence Hall Association). During my time here at school, this is by far the most awesome event ever sponsored by any aspect of the university. MxPx is one of my favorite bands. I own four of their albums: Life In General, Let It Happen, The Renaissance EP, and Ten Years and Running. Their most recent album, “Before Everything and After” was released on September 16, 2003.

I may miss the last bit of Bible Study to make it to the concert on time, but I have every intention of going. Theoretically 5,000 are expected to show up for this event. It could be crazy. It could be wild. It could be sanely awesome! Let’s hope they’re good live, ’cause tonight I find out.

Update (10:20PM CST): The show was absolutely awesome! After making the wise move of ditching my backpack quickly and returning to the show, I got in to about 15 feet from the stage right on the edges of the pit but well within the jumpin’ part of the crowd. They played for a solid hour including many new tracks off their latest CD, but also did many fan favorites. Among these, “Chick Magnet”, “Do Your Feet Hurt”, and “GSF”.

MxPx signaturesOf all the songs they played, I found myself remembering nearly all the lyrics go “GSF”. Here follows a small sample:

I’m joining GSF, I’ve made up my mind
Forget this thing called love, it’s a waste of time
Girls ain’t no good anymore, anyway!
Not for one second have I understood
Why they do what they do, why they say what they say

Slightly bitter, and this fit my attitude and experience for several years of high school and college.

Anyway. MxPx themselves are great guys. They were nice to the crowd, played GSF when many people (myself included) were yelling for it. I’m sure they would’ve even played an encore if anybody had bothered yelling for one besides myself. * sigh *

After the show, I nearly walked back to the dorm. I jokingly mentioned to a friend friend who was helping with security that I’d like to meet the band.

“They’re doing meet-‘n’-greet right over there,” and she pointed.


I went over near them. I acquired a piece of paper by asking a girl who’d just gotten signatures. After that, I got to briefly meet all three band members, Tom (guitar, vocals), Mike (vocals, bass guitar), and Yuri (drums) and I got their signatures.

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Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Today is my brother Jesse’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you, sir! For your birthday present, you receive this post. I’m not even sure you know my website address or will ever even see this, but I shout out anyway.