Student-Tested, Teacher-Approved

The teacher should approve of the writings in my test. Modern Japanese history can be complicated. This gives plenty of material. I no longer wonder how historians can spend portions of their life analyzing events that occurred decades or centuries ago. If you like it and you care, it’s easy to study and remember. Industrialization in Japan… yeah, I could write you an essay. The Imperial Rescript on Education? Yeah. Groups opposed to Westernization prior to the coming of America to Japan in 1853? Errr…

The necessity for redundancy. In Fahrenheit 451, books are illegal. “The Book People” are people who memorized parts/all of books in order to retain that knowledge. “Hi, meet Ecclesiastes! Ecclesiastes, this is Untitled, he hasn’t picked out his book yet!” What happens if Ecclesiastesdies unexpectedly before anyone else learns the material, eh?

All is vanity and striving after the wind.