Class Registration and Other Happennings

I registered for classes this morning. I logged onto eNroll and discover a hold on my account. In the midst of frustration, I dressed and quickly walked to the administration building, removed the hold by letting them know I was caught up on payments, and then left. I signed up for classes in the Union and got all that I decided upon. Everyone tells me 18 credits is a nasty semester. After seeing my schedule, I agree with them.

The whole process was done in 20 minutes.

On Saturday I went to the NU vs. Iowa St. game courtesy of Miss Tracy with a K. The game entertained me well for the first half. The second half was more boring, but we won 28 – 0 and that’s always good. I’m begginning to feel like a Husker fan.

Then I painted windows for a couple hours.

Sunday I woke up at 10:06 AM, rushed to get ready, and got downstairs by 10:25. Nobody was waiting in the lobby as I’d expected, so I decided they left already. I got in my car, drove to church. Everybody was in the sanctuary and Stu was talking, so I assumed Sunday school was in progress. I sat down. A few minutes later, I realized it was the end of the early service and that Daylight-Saving time ended.

Congrats to Jonathan and Amy

Somebody got engaged. That somebody is Jonathan C. and Amy L. Congratulations to both of you! I pray that God will bless your time of engagement and bring you present and future happiness together.

Highlite, Lowlite, Everything In Between

Highlite: Romans 4, Dinner at Tracy’s
Lowlite: twinge of tiredness, sore tendons

It’s been a splendid day. Only one class today do to cancelation of the other. In the class I did have, the professor unexpectedly provided a guest speaker due to his absence. Oh, the United Nations… what a tangled yet oddly tantalizing organization. Idealism wrapped around humanism and political maneuvering. Some noble goals, but I think it fails to live up to any higher purpose due to negligance of The Absolute.

I bought a few poetry books today. I’ve got a few which I’ve largely been forced to buy for poetry classes. Two of the books I bought today serve the same purpose, yet I got to choose myself. I purchased a T.S. Elliot book as well. Talented and includes aspects of Christianity in his works. I glanced through a few of the poems and look forward to seeing more.

Dinner happened at Tracy’s apartment tonight. Yay for Tracy’s pasta and Bunny Track’s ice cream! Seriously. Good stuff. I enjoyed seeing my friends there and wish the time lasted longer.

Romans 4 was our Bible study this week. It reveals an amazing amount of things about faith especially when viewed as part of the overall argument Paul is building in Romans. Interesting crossreferences and tangents include Hebrews 11, I John 4, and Genesis 15.