Pizza, Sleep, Chase

Online pizza delivery is ultimately lacking. I tried last night and none of Lincoln’s Pappa Johns or Pizza Huts support it yet, although the companies official web sites provide the service. What’s the deal, yo? So instead of being incredibly lazy, I had to log off, call them, and wait around for the food. I think I’m codependent on the internet (Luebbe…. Luebbe….) so it was a good excercise in non-dependence.

I’m proud to say I’ve recovered from yesterday’s sleep deprivation. It probably helped to sleep on my bed instead of one of the couches.

Chase is in town again. Whee. A bunch of people went to The Mill for coffee after Bible study last night. It was fun, but I felt like it ended too quickly. Seriously, who’s ready to go home and sleep at 11pm? </sarcasm>

If you want any McDonalds at 3am tonight you know where to find me. Latez!

G&G, Good Times, & Genealogy

Grandpa and Grandma F. stopped by today. Grandpa is 70 and still road trippin’. Amazing. Yet, this is probably the last long one they’ll do seeing as they came from California, visited my parents and brothers in Colorado, came here to visit me, and are heading to Cabella’s and then South Dakota.

We had a fun time hanging out. I was tired ’cause they came to the house at about 9AM and I’d only had four hours of sleep. I answered many of their questions which all revolved around “what are you doing next with your life?”, “are there any girls? I heard you need to work on technique, but I won’t say who told us that”, and “how did your trip to Japan last summer go?”.

We went to the Union. Grandma purchased a few things with “University of Nebraska” on it, including a frisbee for the dog to play with. Do teeth-marks constitute sacrelige? Oh, and the university computer store is now in the Union. I want a 17inch PowerBook. * Drool * Yao Ming is a good advertising tool.

Lazlos for lunch. Now they’re gone to Cabella’s. My grandpa loves going to Cabellas. He and I both have a lot of respect for the Second Ammendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

I’m exhausted, but I had a great time with them. I learned a few things, too. Apparently the family has been in America for about five generations. My Great Grandpa F.’s mom came from Lisbon, Portugal (cool town!). It’s less certain about when Great Grandpa F.’s family came, but his father probably came from Portugal. One of the other branches of the family came from Ireland or Scotland about five generations back.

That’s all I know. Genealogy is interesting and it’s fun to know the history, but it seems to get lost relatively quickly as one generation dies without leaving the facts for the following. Alas, but everything fades out in time. It is the doom of mortal men.

Mmm… bluegrass.

I’ve always preferred bluegrass to greengrass.

Tracy, Jaci, and I went to a bluegrass concert (sponsored by a local radio station) at our local, ritzy mall. It’s definitely a hip, young people’s mall. Lots of young families with kids wandering around getting face-paint and balloons (several of which floated away or were popped shortly after entering children’s hands).

We bought Coldstone ice-cream. I recall having Coldstone at least once prior on Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. The type I had tonight, sweet cream + brownie in a waffle cone, tasted excellent.

After the concert finished, we went to our local B&N. Jaci thought up a game where we each found an item in the store that would represent something we wanted in our lives in 2, 5, and 10 years. If we were meant to keep score (I don’t think so) I would have lost because my items were lamest. The best I could think of was wanting to write better poetry and having a family and kids. Apparently lots of people desire to have families and children. Jaci and Tracy both do.

Then I worked. I got off early. I am happy. Yay!

The Semantics of Love and Pride

Jason Wall has an excellent article about love and pride, and the semantics of these and related terms. He provides a good analysis of related problems and gives lots of scripture to back up his points.

The first sin was pride and it led to the first lie ever told. My pastor once told me that at the root of every problem you will find a lie. To overcome those problems you have to find the lie and establish in your heart, not just in your mind, the truth. This is why Paul exhorts us to think of things that are true.

Three ante meridian, Meditation

…it’s 3 am I must be lonely….

Not doing too bad, actually. I read some of
by Jim Downing (an oldskool Nav… really oldskool) last night.

Isaiah 26:3 – “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.”

Instead of falling to sleep with my last conscious thoughts being about work or anything else, I went over some of my TMS verses. Isaiah 26:3 being the one I focused on most.

Ignore the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep till 8AM ’cause of my generally whacked out sleeping schedule (also has something to do with the three hour “nap” from 12:30AM to 3:30AM). Once I did fall asleep, it felt great. Best I’ve had in a while.

Dawson Trotman, founder of the Navs, also used an acronym for a similar concept: H.W.L.W. = His [God’s] Word Last Word. Every night he and his wife would read scripture as the last thing they did all day. They would then go straight to sleep without discussing any further. The point is to focus on God and His Word in order to know him better.

I’ve heard about these strategies. Now it’s time to implement them.