Pizza, Sleep, Chase

Online pizza delivery is ultimately lacking. I tried last night and none of Lincoln’s Pappa Johns or Pizza Huts support it yet, although the companies official web sites provide the service. What’s the deal, yo? So instead of being incredibly lazy, I had to log off, call them, and wait around for the food. I think I’m codependent on the internet (Luebbe…. Luebbe….) so it was a good excercise in non-dependence.

I’m proud to say I’ve recovered from yesterday’s sleep deprivation. It probably helped to sleep on my bed instead of one of the couches.

Chase is in town again. Whee. A bunch of people went to The Mill for coffee after Bible study last night. It was fun, but I felt like it ended too quickly. Seriously, who’s ready to go home and sleep at 11pm? </sarcasm>

If you want any McDonalds at 3am tonight you know where to find me. Latez!

2 thoughts on “Pizza, Sleep, Chase”

  1. Cal, you have so grossly misused the term (even for a joke) that I wonder if you ever knew what it refers to. The real question is, “Are you dependent on the internet?” Nah, I don’t think so . . . as long as you can still go to the bathroom by yourself I think you’re okay!

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