KJ-52 Followup

This is a followup to a recent post with lyrics from Christian rapper KJ-52.

Lyrics for Dear Slim Part 2 are available.

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Christian rap artist KJ-52 has recently stirred up some people with his single Dear Slim, in which he rights an open letter to Eminem. In it he discusses Eminem’s seeming personality change from his first album, KJ’s frustration with being compared to Eminem until he realized his own music made a difference in people’s lives, and similarities between KJ’s and Eminem’s lives when growing up, despite the vastly different messages they now proclaim.

Comparisons to Eminem were the reason KJ initially decided to write “Dear Slim”. “…I just had to address the issue. The funny thing to me is how big it blew up. That was never the intention. I never thought that this was going to be the song that really gets my name out, causes a reaction and really touches people. …”

Some have accused KJ-52 of writing this song for purely monetary motives and seeking to capitalize on Eminem’s popularity with a “dis” against him. KJ response: “Come on, I do Christian rap. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and drive a beat-up mini van. How much money am I going to make? People download the song [from my Web site] anyway.

… the response I’ve gotten from people saying how much the song changed their lives, to me that was the bigger picture.”

Apparently Eminem has even received a copy of “Dear Slim”. “There was a road pastor backstage who gave him a copy and talked to him. He walked out with it in his pocket.”

My final thoughts:
KJ’s gotten a lot of press for this song. Based on the lives his music has changed, I think “Dear Slim” is a success. If nothing else, he’s putting the message of Christ in front of ears that might never hear it, even if at first they simply think his point is to dis Eminem.

“One Love. One God. One Way.”

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Spark, My Car’s Soul, & Other Nonsense

When I got off work tonight, I was waiting for my manager to open the door and let me out (2AM… door is locked). I looked at the handle for a mop bucket and thought of a girl.

No, no, I know what you’re thinking. “This poor shmuck is reminded about a girl… probably a certain girl… no matter what’s going on.”

That’s not it at all! You are mistaken!

My newest thought on love, truuuue love: It starts with a spark. The spark ignites a flame which lights a twig, the fire absorbs a bush, and then the fire spreads and all of a sudden the whole forest is on fire and you’re getting married!

starts waiting for the spark

I spent last night in Omaha con mis amigos! My friends rock. I stopped by Jenny’s house and we talked for a while until a couple of her other friends got there. We ended up going to see “League of Extraordinary Gentleman”. (10 Second Review: An action movie, with the plot being an excuse for the action. This didn’t diminism the fun.)

My car’s soul and aspects of its personality died a sad, sad death today. This is partly due to a comment made by Travis (one of Jenny’s friends) last night related to offensive bumper stickers. Not offensive in the sense that the content is vulgar, but could offend people who don’t have the same beliefs. Anyway, one of my bumper stickers fell under that category. Another of the stickers was beginning to peel off anyway (and was taken out of context). Another one I didn’t believe any more (“Love is random; fear is inevitable.” –> if my car were a Hummer or some other monstrous car, the “fear” aspect might have actually applied somehow.) And the other one… eh. The rest were gone, this one might as well follow.

Now my car is sad. Aside from its personality change, it’s also badly in need of new rotors. A digital homie of mine told me driving the ~100 mile round trip to Omaha with the car shaking above 70mph and brakes clunking when stopping from above 50mph = bad idea. Whoops. Time to find those parts.

The new UNL Navigator’s web page is up and running. Check it out. Let me know if you find problems.

Oh, and God is awesome.

Leave of Absence

I’m tired of talking about my work on my ‘blog, so I’ve decided to take a leave of absence. From my job. Money is not necessary to earn in order to sustain my existance, I need only to panhandle the streets of downtown Lincoln and scavenge through dumpsters of local restaurants. Perhaps I’ll ever finish making some halfway decent products to offer in the store for this site. Perhaps your mom reads my ‘blog every day.

<more serious /> Dos semanos más a McDonalds._ Need to finish painting windows (err… start, I mean), work on my independent study English class, and I’m also going home on a week vacation.

Now, don’t tell anybody this last part, but I’ve got a secret web-based project under development. Look for more info on that in the near future.

An Essay on "The Prayer of Jabez"

Derek Webb, a former member of Caedmon’s Call and now a solo musician with an album titled “She Must and Shall Go Free” (it’s about the church), discusses Bruce Wilkinson’s book “The Prayer of Jabez” in a recent journal entry. (Discovered via A Blog Apart)

now all [of] this is probably troubling to you (in one way or another). but i want to be clear about my concern in all this and why i’m so opposed to this teaching. it’s not necessarily because of the horrendous exegetical work. it’s not necessarily because 98% of bruce’s teaching is unwarranted in scripture. it is for only one reason: because it simply undermines the Gospel.

Intellectual Property

Slashdot has an interview with Department of Justice lawyers regarding Intellectual Property laws.

The questions are of interest especially to people concerned with copyright laws and how the American government is approaching the issue. This is a detailed response to 11 questions submitted by Slashdot readers.

Here’s a few interesting bits:

By statute, a person convicted of one felony count of copyright infringement faces up to 5 years in prison (or 3 years, if convicted under the NET Act when the piracy was not done for commercial advantage or private financial gain).

That shatters one of my former beliefs regarding piracy. Not making money only gets you two fewer years in jail, but doesn’t make it okay.

One thing to remember though is that the DoJ is on the federal level. The lawsuits involving the RIAA vs. file-sharers are civil lawsuits.