Wired HomeStarRunner Interview

The creators of HomeStarRunner.com have been interviewed by Wired.

WN: With animation on the site, people might assume you have some technology background.

Matt: That’s very flattering. We’d like to continue to fool people to think that.
WN: Think we’ll be seeing pop-up ads anytime soon?

Matt: Oh don’t worry?.

Mike: We’ll just quit if that’s the only way to survive.

HSR receives between 250k and 300k hits every monday when the newest Strong Bad E-mail is released. And they make their money off of t-shirts and stuff. Strong Bad is just darn cool. I’m done now. Time to go watch the new SB email.

Update: Unless of course it’s not up yet…

The RIAA is Pure Evil

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) are the music pimps of the universe and essentially do their best to make as much money as possible (i.e. hose the consumer).

They’re at the head of every legal action taken against file-sharing applications, search engines for files on a network, and generally resort to intimidation and threats of lawsuit to get their way. Oh, and they have the lawyers to do it.

From Jesse J., the runner of Chewplastic:

I am truly appalled by the RIAA’s unprofessional conduct in dealing with my case. A very well-known top lawyer at the RIAA, while making threats of further legal actions, referred to himself as a “dentist” that I would not want to “have another visit with”. I will not be intimidated by the RIAA – they’re just going to have to put up with me.

The RIAA also recently lost a court case for price fixing. What? They try to FIX PRICES to make as much money as unethically possible? Well! Who would’ve thought.

I personally think getting MP3s and other copyrighted media without any real legal right is unethical. That’s not the issue. The issue is the RIAA telling people applications such as Kaazaa and search engines (like the one Chewplastic has for that campus network) don’t have the right to exist. These applications have LEGITIMATE uses. There’s a term called Fair Use of copyrighted works. Associations like the RIAA and MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America) have heavy financial insentives to limit fair use as much as possible in order to make as much as possible.

Any group of people seeking to dominate others through sheer financial power will obviously see a backlash. Unethical behavior dominates both sides.

WWJD(What Would Jesus Do)?

Eh, heh, bleh

Another day, another way to make a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. Actually, there’s just one way: the bun + onions + pickles + two slices of cheese + two hamburger patties, wrap it up, toss it toward the front. Apparently I’ve learned something.

Pray for my brother Jesse.

I met with Li, my Chinese conversation partner tonight about an hour after work. We watched “The Jesus Film” in Mandarin. I didn’t understand a word, but I could infer most of the plot based on what’s in the Bible. We talked for about an hour afterwards about some of the things Jesus said, a bit about American culture, and then about my job.

Matt is Mr. Stew. That’s all I have to say.


Today is my first official day of work. I get to do some computer training. So I’ve put on my McPants, McShirt, and McHat and I’m ready to go. smile(tm). As far as shirts go, I’ve got a choice of maroon or green. Apparently you have to be a manager to get away with wearing any other color of shirt.

Update: (12:47AM Wed.) It went well. Scratch the -computer- though. It wasn’t working properly (heh… no keyboard + screen requiring keyboard input = unfunctional) so I got trained on how to run the grill and friers. I grilled many a hamburger and chicken today! But, alas, my legs are sore as heck after four hours. I’m trying to get back on a normal sleep time, so I’m gonna do that soon. G’night!