4 thoughts on “MP3s, SharpReader”

  1. Jenny… I have plans to eventually do a full post on RSS and its purposes, or at least to provide links to a good page of FAQ about it.

    SharpReader is just a program that uses an RSS feed to keep up-to-date on weblogs, webzines, or any other sort of information published in the format.

  2. Jenny — Don’t feel bad, I had no idea either. Since one of Cal’s qualities that he’s looking for in a woman is that “she’ll listen to his babbling about computer stuff and understand at least some of what he’s saying,” I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re not going to make it on his list. LOL By the way, if you see this message, call me. ;-)

  3. *sigh* I didn’t say they have to understand _everything_ technical that I talk about. I would probably be content if she understood the basics. And seriously, I’d be able to explain stuff like RSS to the woman. Whoever she is. *another sigh*

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