CSS & Web Design

I’ve been starting to work on the new UNL Navs website the last couple days. J.P. hooked me up with the graphics, so I’ve been working on slicing and dicing and putting it together. This is my first ‘real’ experience with designing a site using XHTML and CSS2. For this site, the one you’re looking at, I basically just took a default Movable Type template and modified it for my own personal needs.

Things to know when designing a website:
• if it works in Netscape, it may not work the same in Internet Explorer
• if it works in Internet Explorer, it may not work in Netscape
• expect user error if you’re new
• inspect insanity if you’re perfectionistic (there’s no such thing as a _perfect_ webpage, or at least not perfect code since you’re creating for an imperfect browser)

Ok, one request of readers. Does anybody have browsers older then IE 6/Netscape 7/Mozilla 1.3 for Windows or IE 5 and Netscape 7 for Mac that can tell me how the site shows up? If you can, either email me or IM me and I can tell you the site address so you can let me know if it shows up okay.

Helpful Reference Sites
World Wide Web Consortium – official internet standard specificiations
W3Schools – Online Web Tutorials (CSS, HTML, XHTML, etc.)
Web Design @ About.com
Google – search for whatever you’re having a problem with, and usually somebody else has had the same or a similar problem before and asked it in a forum somewhere