Evanescence Exits Christian Market

Evanescence, an up and coming band with Wind-Up Records is exiting the Christian rock scene. I’m rather disappointed with this happening after telling friends about them and their Christian message. Apparently they view music as entertainment and don’t want to promote themselves as a religious band and misrepresent their image to the Christian community. Therefore, they’re pulling their material from the Christian retail and radio markets. For more details and in-depth spelling out of the situation, view the letter posted below.

Update: More information in a RollingStone article.

Moody’s comments to Entertainment Weekly, which included a joking references to Jesus (“I’m like the guy who was crucified next to Jesus. All I want you to do is remember me”) and a few f-bombs (“We’re actually high on the Christian charts, and I’m like, ‘What the #### are we even doing there'”), prompted Wind-Up to pull Fallen from thousands of stores across the country overnight.

Below is the a letter detailing more information about the situation (source – ChristianRock.net)

April 10, 2003

Dear Don,

Please be advised that Wind-up Records has elected to do a recall on all Evanescence products currently in the Christian retail community. This recall will be effective immediately and will extend to June 30, 2003 to allow Provident customers whatever time might be necessary to accomplish this. Additionally, we will also be withdrawing from Christian radio and the Christian charts. Full credit will be issued by Wind-up for all monies that might be due on account immediately upon receipt of documentation and confirmation from you that the merchandise has been returned. Furthermore, I will have our Finance department contact you to arrange for the return to Wind-up of all Evanescence product currently in the Provident warehouse, as well as make accommodations for additional product as it arrives from retail. Despite having roots within the Christian community prior to the release of “Fallen,” recent statements by band members have made it abundantly clear that Evanescence is a secular band, and as such view their music as entertainment. No more, no less. As such we strongly feel that they no longer belong in Christian retail outlets. Despite the spiritual underpinning that has ignited interest and excitement in the Christian religious community, the band is now opposed to promoting or supporting any religious agenda.

The decision to release Evanescence “Fallen” into the Christian market was made subsequent to discussions with and approval by the artist. Obviously the band has had a change in their perspective, as well as changes within the band itself as relates to new band members. Wind-up deeply regrets this situation.

I have no issues or problems with the band not wishing to promote a religious agenda. That is their opinion. How it has been handled is a separate issue. That being said, I do have a problem with misrepresenting the artist to the Christian community. That is not and has never been the intent of Wind-up or the band. Nevertheless, it is quite apparent that the landscape has now changed. As such, the right and honorable thing to do is remove the record from Christian retail. While it is the mission of every business, record labels notwithstanding, to be “successful,” Wind-up’s goals in embracing the Christian community came as an outgrowth of my own personal spiritual commitment with the hopes of providing great music for our children with positive spiritual messages. Nothing has changed as regards that commitment. I have never nor will ever do anything to discredit Wind-up or question my honor. I apologize for what has become an unfortunate and embarrassing situation. While I cannot go back and undo what has been done, going forward we will scrutinize our Christian artists’ beliefs and commitment with even greater diligence. I assure you that there will not be any repeat of anything even resembling this present situation. I will personally inform all of our future artists who represent themselves as Christian artists and wish to be represented in the Christian community that in doing so they must understand the lasting and on-going commitment that involves. Those who are not 100% committed will not be offered to Christian retail.

I appreciate your understanding.


Alan Meltzer
CEO & Chairman
Wind-up Records

And there’s the end of the details.

Update: As a point of information, I’ve realized that I spelled the band’s name wrong in this page’s title. It should be “Evanescence.” So everybody who’s finding this page from Google is doing so because they’re also spelling it wrong. Just thought you might want to know.