Nav Formal 2003


Nav Formal was a ton of fun! Granted, it�s 3:16AM (when I’m typing this part) and I’m extremely tired, slightly giddy, but I�m still energized by adrenaline. Ok, on to the details.

Jenny looked awesome. (I took pictures, but alas, my camera is not digital. I’ll get some uploaded as soon as I’m able, which may be a while. Somebody else might develop theirs first and I’ll just scan ’em.) She was wearing a long, bluish, strapless dress. Her wrist corsage had two sunflowers with blue ribbon around it. Her hair was up and swirly and I have no adequate hair terminology with which to describe it, but it looked spiffy.

We all met over at Kauffman and were running slightly later than our original plans, but the timing worked out okay in the end. Our dinner reservations didn’t have a specific time and our table was waiting when we got there. All the women looked splendid, and the men were stylin’ in dressy suits/sport-coats/shirts, pants, ties, etc.

Dinner at Vincenzos turned out to be really nice. The food was spectacular and everything I would expect from a high quality Italian restaurant. The greatest thrill we all received was when the waitress brought out our check and told us somebody at another table had seen us praying and paid for our entire meal. Seriously. (Actually, the same thing happened at dinner for some of us before last year�s formal, also.) i.e. God is awesome!

The formal dance was fun. Latrice did a good job of DJing it and mixed up the different genres of music effectively. A lot of the music was gospel rap/hiphop, and enough country, slow dances, and rock mixed in to keep it level. I enjoyed it a lot. (Only drawbacks: small dance floor = crowded dance floor, and it was really hot.)

Afterwards some of us headed to Sunmart, grabbed some snackfood, headed to Kauffman and hung out for a while. People started leaving pretty quick ’cause they got tired, and eventually I made it back here.

And now, it’s time for me to sleep.