Class Registration

I registered for classes today at exactly 7:01AM CST. So I got everything I want. I’m so glad my social security number ends in a 6. Last semester the 6’s got shafted and had to wait till 4PM on the day the junior’s registered, so this change of fortunes is rather nice. Now unless I talk to my advisor and he says “you fool, these are the wrong classes!” I think I’m taking the right stuff.

Classes I’m scheduled for currently:
• Geography of Asia (GEOG 375)
• History of Modern Japan (HIST 382)
• Japanese 3 (Japanese 301)
International Political Economy (POLS 459)
• UN & World Politics (POLS 361)
Advance Poetry Writing (ENGL 353)

With this attuned-to-major schedule, I probably won’t have any classes with my close friends like I did this semester. =( Oh well. Next year is finishing time.

Update: I’ve dropped POLS 459 and added ENGL 353. I needed another artsy class. So what this all means is I need to nail three credits somehow this summer (I just dropped the two computer science classes I’d grabbed ’cause I don’t think that’s the route I wanna go). After that, I just gotta knock of these classes and take 15 more credits second semester next year (9 towards my major) and then I’ll be done!