Not in a Bloggish Mood

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last couple days. Yesterday I woke up from a nap and basically said, “You know what. I’m a bit frustrated. I’m going to spend the rest of this day with God.” So I did. I read the Bible, some books, prayed. I managed to do a few other things such as go to class, a homework assignment, and call my parents, too.

Today we had this guy named “Christopher O’Riley” come to our “Music Experience” class. He’s a pretty good piano performer. He did some “Guess the Composer” for two songs. The first was Brahms. The second was Radiohead. Apparently he’s a big Radiohead geek. He’s arranged several Radiohead songs for playing on the piano. And let me tell you, they sound super-complex to play. In one of the songs, all ten fingers were playing and changing spots virtually the entire song. Wow. He played his versions of Airbag, True Love Waits, and Letdown. Letdown is easily the most complicated piece. Anyway, it was cool.

Hearing O’Riley play reminded me of Apocalyptica, a four piece cello band who exclusively covers Metallica songs.

I’m going to play racketball with Ben S. in a bit, so I need to go. Enjoy the remainder.

Concert Update

So as not to panic my mother, I just thought I’d mention that we’re not going to the Relient K concert in Ohio on Tuesday.

Terrible T-Shirts

Engrish T-shirt
“Looking to put the FUN back in funeral.”

“I hate myself and I want to die.”

Geek T-Shirts – code poet, caffeine molecule, and a few other shirts I’ve bought from here

And… if you have more, leave them in the comments. I might add a t-shirt I actually bought from Japan tomorrow, but right now I’m realizing I’m up really late and need to finish some things. I’M A PROCRASTINATOR!

Applebees, Scones, Omaha

So I woke up today. I wake up at some point just about every day. If I didn’t then I wouldn’t be around to post. Or else in a coma. But anyway, back to my day.

Had lunch over at Applebee’s cause Seth D. is in town for Spring Break. Strawberry Lemonade is good (Thanks, Double-J).

… whoops, I’ve got to go soon. peace out, and I’ll finish the post later.

Update: Okay, to finish off the post. After eating Applebee’s, Matt, JJ, and I came back to the dorm. To summarize the next hour and a half or so, we met up with Matt’s bro Doug and Doug’s girlfriend and went over to Anna’s apartment for scones. In Justin’s words, it was a “comedy of errors.” To start with, we were late. Matt had called them to check on something, but they didn’t answer. We waited for a while and decided to go anyway. “Maybe their phone is just not working or something,” I commented. We got there, and apparently their phone was unplugged. All sorts of other interesting errors (iced tea, but no ice… … a couple botched batches of scones… Doug’s burnt finger… yada yada) showed up, too. On the drive back, Matt, Justin, and I all had a good laugh. The scones ended up being good, the tea was fab(ulous), and the company was swell.

At night Phil, Cora, and I went to Omaha and saw “From Dust” perform at a coffee shop as part of a Student Venture event. Phil and Matt know some of the members of From Dust and I know another guy named Weasel who hangs out with that crowd, so it was a good time.

test results, hair cut, etc.

I got my test grade back for my take-home Early Christianity test. Happilly, I received an 89% on it. Granted, it’s not quite an “A”, but I remain within grasping distance.

I feel freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok, ok, maybe just light-headed. No wait, that’s confusing, too. Perhaps I should just say “I got a haircut.” Yeah. There you go. I got my hairs cut.

In less then joyful news, Cora didn’t get the CA job for this summer. She’s still thinking about what she’ll end up doing.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing this summer. I need to talk to my parents about it. Signup for summer classes starts on March 10, so I need to decide soon. I may stay in Lincoln and hope I find a job. It’s time to start looking. twinge of nervousness I don’t want to be 21 yet, Mom!

Quick apology: Sorry again for missing lunch today, Bart. My bad. I really look forward to eating lunch with ya, so when I forget about it I (not literally) kick myself.

That’s it for now. I worked on a new poem today, but I’m going to hold off posting it for a while. I’ll hook it up later. G’evening.