Something With A K

Tracy, Phil, and I are starting a band called “Something With A K.” Tracy and I talked about this at Kappa Delta’s Chilifest last night (two bowls and a roll, not bad at all).

Things we have figured out:
• band name: Something With A K
• lead guitarist: Phil
• second guitar: Tracy
• drums: Rachel
• bass player/website designer: me
• genre: punK

Things we don’t have figured out:
• how to play our instruments (Tracy & Cal & Rachael)
• how to play together (see previous bullet)
• uh, I’m sure there’s other stuff (like telling Phil he’s in our band)

Names we didn’t pick:
• Stained Plastic Spoon
• Stained Plastic
• EsKort

One thought on “Something With A K”

  1. Yea for our band!! One thing though~ you forgot Rachael! She’s our totally awesome drummer, remember? And she also needs to be added to the “learn how to play our instruments” bullet. Hmm… Phil is the only one who can play and he doesn’t even know that he’s in the band……interesting, isn’t it? :)

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