Almost Broketime

I’m already broke, but break is nearly here! In 24 hours, I’ll be on the interstate cruising to Colorado! Wooohah! I always enjoy returning home, especially now as I feel I’m becoming more a part of Nebraska and less a part of where I came from. I love my family and enjoy returning home, but in some strange sense I miss Nebraska. I miss my friends most when I go. I’ll hang out with my good buddy Mark Crawford back home because he’ll be on spring break, too.

I had lunch with Bart today. Good as always. It’s encouraging to be able to just let somebody know what’s going on in life and get their advice.

Steve played racquetball yesterday with Ben and I. He and Ben played really well. I did okay in the first game, but after that I was getting worn out. It’d be fun to play again. *rubs his tired arms, legs, feet, ….*