test results, hair cut, etc.

I got my test grade back for my take-home Early Christianity test. Happilly, I received an 89% on it. Granted, it’s not quite an “A”, but I remain within grasping distance.

I feel freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok, ok, maybe just light-headed. No wait, that’s confusing, too. Perhaps I should just say “I got a haircut.” Yeah. There you go. I got my hairs cut.

In less then joyful news, Cora didn’t get the CA job for this summer. She’s still thinking about what she’ll end up doing.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing this summer. I need to talk to my parents about it. Signup for summer classes starts on March 10, so I need to decide soon. I may stay in Lincoln and hope I find a job. It’s time to start looking. twinge of nervousness I don’t want to be 21 yet, Mom!

Quick apology: Sorry again for missing lunch today, Bart. My bad. I really look forward to eating lunch with ya, so when I forget about it I (not literally) kick myself.

That’s it for now. I worked on a new poem today, but I’m going to hold off posting it for a while. I’ll hook it up later. G’evening.