Residence Hall Association

I get the privelege… nay… the torture of attending the RHA meeting this week. Jake’s off in Chicago for an orientation meeting for the missions trip he’s taking to Japan this summer with the Navigators. Jake likes to refer to RHA meetings as time spent “gouging my eyes out.” Not the best sort of fun ever to be had. Add on top of that the fact that I managed to make it to the Union building half an hour early for the meeting, and it multiplies the fun. sigh

Coming up in the next few days are elections for ASUN. If you remember, early I considered running for president of this organization. Now, I’m thankful that I did not. There are much more important things I can send doing with my time rather then meddling in university politics. They may be profitable for a bit of education about how these things work, but essentially very little ever results from the grumblings of campus political organizations.

“Get uninvolved!” Or get involved with things that matter. Or change the things that don’t.

Update: Well… yes. RHA meetings are a waste of time. We managed to debate a lot and throw $1700 at a couple events targeted at merely a small percentage of the university dorm population. And the speaker of the house attacked CPRA‘s representatives for not dispensing information that we didn’t have. i.e. I’m frustrated and glad I don’t have to go every week. To quote Jesse L…

jesse says:
yeah, thats why i spend my time in “involvement activities” that make a “difference”
jesse says:
napping, homework, and chillin

Tired Eyes & Rummy

I spent several hours this afternoon working on some junk for my lyrics database. (OT:Tyler says his teacher is a moron!) I finally got PHP::Pear working properly (the server admins got PEAR added to the include_path so it all works correctly now). So I converted all the files over to using PEAR for database abstraction. Took a while and there aren’t any noticeable benefits, but it might make things easier someday for editing the files. Hopefully sometime in the near future I’ll finish the last piece of the lyrics adder script so I can insert all my album info into the database and begin adding lyrics like crazy. It’ll still be a while.

Tonight I went over to Kauffman and hung out and talked to Jenny and Sonya. Jenny was doing her laundry, so we helped fold some of that up. How many different ways are there to fold socks? I either don’t fold them or else just fold two together. My mom folds up the top of the sock over its partner. Some people (e.g. Jenny) fold the socks all the way inside. Odd stuff. We progressed to slightly more exciting times with a game of Rummy. It’s a card game. I haven’t played it for many years. Initially, my Aunt Sue in California taught me how to play. That was on one of the family vacations we took to California every few years to visit my dad’s side of the family, including one of his sisters, her husband, and dad’s parents.

Jenny ended up winning the game. (Friend!) And now I’m back here in my room ready for sleep. お休みなさい。