Something With A K

Tracy, Phil, and I are starting a band called “Something With A K.” Tracy and I talked about this at Kappa Delta’s Chilifest last night (two bowls and a roll, not bad at all).

Things we have figured out:
• band name: Something With A K
• lead guitarist: Phil
• second guitar: Tracy
• drums: Rachel
• bass player/website designer: me
• genre: punK

Things we don’t have figured out:
• how to play our instruments (Tracy & Cal & Rachael)
• how to play together (see previous bullet)
• uh, I’m sure there’s other stuff (like telling Phil he’s in our band)

Names we didn’t pick:
• Stained Plastic Spoon
• Stained Plastic
• EsKort

My Super-Cool Date For Formal

I have a super-cool date for the Navigator’s Formal which is a week from Friday on April 11, 2003. Jenny M! She’s a great friend of mine and an awesome woman. I’m looking forward to the formal and hoping (knowing!) we’ll have a fun time. We’re also going with Phil & Tracy, Tyler & Nicole (the only “serious” couple), Rachael, and perhaps another person or two.

I’ll get pictures (or scan some) of the event and post them here later and, of course, blab all about how the formal goes.

A Voice in the Wilderness

from A Voice in the Wilderness by Grace L.H. Lutz, a Grosset & Dunlap book (c) 1916:

“He turned the horses about and took charge of her just as if he were accustomed to managing stray ladies in the wilderness every day of his life and understood the situation perfectly; and Margaret settled wearily into her saddle and looked about her with content.”

In the back are listed other novels by some dude named Peter B. Kyne. My favorites:
Cappy Ricks Retires – Cappy retires, but the romance of the sea and business, keep calling him back, and he comes back strong.
Kindred of the Dust – Donald McKay, son of Hector McKay, millionaire lumber king, falls in love with “Nan of the sawdust pile,” a charming girl who has been ostracized by her townsfolk.

Wow, I wish I had a cool nickname like “The Man of the Laundry Mound.” That way when some stellar looking lady comes to town she won’t mind hooking up with a poor, ostracized fellow like myself. (Ok… I’m not really ostracized.)

If Donald can find true love in a sawdust pile, there’s hope for anyone. I’m going to start looking for my “Woman of the sawdust pile” right now.

break, back in the swing

My break was nice. I went home and enjoyed time with friends, family, and the largest blizzard in Colorado since 1913. Frolicking in the snow is wonderful, you should try it sometime. (Although… it is difficult to make snow angels in a foot of snow.) Tip for the day: Never get a dog out of pitty. They always entail some sort of problem.

This week flew by quickly so far and I’m looking forward to Nav Nite tomorrow and the weekend ahead.

I’ll post more tomorrow when I’m less wired.

Almost Broketime

I’m already broke, but break is nearly here! In 24 hours, I’ll be on the interstate cruising to Colorado! Wooohah! I always enjoy returning home, especially now as I feel I’m becoming more a part of Nebraska and less a part of where I came from. I love my family and enjoy returning home, but in some strange sense I miss Nebraska. I miss my friends most when I go. I’ll hang out with my good buddy Mark Crawford back home because he’ll be on spring break, too.

I had lunch with Bart today. Good as always. It’s encouraging to be able to just let somebody know what’s going on in life and get their advice.

Steve played racquetball yesterday with Ben and I. He and Ben played really well. I did okay in the first game, but after that I was getting worn out. It’d be fun to play again. *rubs his tired arms, legs, feet, ….*