Tired Road

A Poem by Erundur Anwamehtar
Date Written: 08/16/2002

Usually I see the skid’s
results written in the pavement
but the life affected has fled
I never knew where or
whose power took them.

Today, as I held the wheel,
my control kept fragile balance
until I removed a hand
in search of a different tune
to drive to.

I looked up
and thrice swerved
faster than three thoughts

The last attempt of mine
to stay on course
left me facing traffic
with a stalled engine.

No reflex is automatic
until fear grips its trigger.
I turned the key,
drove onto the shoulder,
removed myself
from the vehicle
and lost all calmness.
Everything was normal,
except my ego,
bruised by the view.
A layer of tire freshly unpeeled
lied on the surface,
its smell wafting around the car.

I got back in.
Was I lucky? No.
It was through no power
of mine.