I am first. In line. Gimme! No, I have money. See… hey! givitback. thief! thief! come back here wit my money. I need my chickin.

Oh, hazy!

So the little red light on top of the capitol building is blinking. It’s dark and hazy outside. And I’m also posting after midnight again. (Bad habit, if you ask me.) To(yester)day, I got some CPRA stuff done, bible study, a bit of studying, and a hair cut. Tracy came by after lunch and did some cutting, trimming, evening, blending, and other movement related to scissors. At the end, my hair is much shorter again and looking pretty spiffy. (Thanks, Tracy!)

After CPRA tonight, went to Crescent Moon (yes, the place where my story about Girl at the Moon is based). Misty and Crystal were there so I talked with them a while before doing a bit of studying. Amy was working like usual and Jake also came tonight. It was good talking to Misty and Crystal. It’s been good getting to know each of them better seeing them on most Mondays.

Now I’ve got a paper to finish related to a movie I watched in my International Relations class. *sigh* Back to work! *vanishes*