Swing City

Tonight was country swing dancing night. It was fun. I danced with many girls. I’m getting better at doing a move called “Table Top” and also just getting a bit faster. Some girls are pretty fun to dance with since they’ve been there every time I have and we know each other’s styles decently well (Tracy and Rachel, por ejemplo). When that happens, it’s fun to go really fast. Sometimes though, fingers slip away or you accidentally run into somebody else (whoops!). On the way back home, we dropped Frank off at his fraternity. Jake let Tracy and I out to go see Phil in his dorm. Turned out Phil was sleeping, so we just walked back to Pound while talking on the way. Tomorrow, Tracy is going to cut my hair. Cost Cutters = $15. Tracy’s Hair Salon = $0. I’m saving (fifteen minus zero….. oh!) fifteen dollars.

One test this week, some other homework and quizzes. I’ve got a lot to read to be ready for the test. This is the second test in World History and I need to do better on this then the last one to try to boost my grade from a C up to at least a B. This week and next will be crucial in determining the outcome of my grades for the semester. Time to git in gear.

(If I ever finish this roll of film and get it developed, I’ll have some pictures of The Missouri Road Trip and… whatever else I’ve taken pictures of so far this semester.)