Aaron Got Engaged

So my RA from last year got engaged this weekend. Go figure. Get old, get girlfriend, get engaged. Congrats Aaron and Jamie!

Update: This unhappened later.

Just About Nobody

… nobody is around today. The hall is empty. Fine with me. I spent half the day in Omaha hanging out with Tim. Had a nice lunch on the way out of town at a Chinese place. The rice wasn’t sticky enough for appropriate chopstick usage. In essence, it wasn’t completely authentic, but it was still decent.

Went to a Japanese shop and picked up some Pocky sticks (yummy), some Calpis (see earlier posts about it), and a little mug thing.

Picked up The Lonely Position of Neutral by Trust Company, Who Needs Pictures by Brad Paisley, and Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park at Best Buy. (It’s not the best buy, but whatever.) Haven’t listened to ’em all yet, but they’re decent so far. Trust Company is one of those angst-filled, loud bands. Brad Paisley’s CD is the first country CD I’ve ever owned. Listening to it right now. Linkin Park I’ve heard a ton before and love, but just got around to purchasing it.

Saw The Ring. It’s the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the scene transitions and music provide a bit of spook. There’s actually a lot of parts where you can here the actors talking and there’s silence in the background. This makes it even freakier when there are noises and stuff. The plot is also pretty good. It’s suspenseful and provides plenty of room for analysis. Yeah. See it.

One last comment: I am not sold out to commercialism! …. Really. Don’t look at me like that. I’m gonna try to get a job tomorrow at the place Tim works. If it works out, then I’ll have a bit more business in my life. I’ll also have money to pay for college and other things that are more necessary then CDs. But today… one of those days… yeah.