Home, Home on the Range

I’m back home. Got in last night around 10:30PM. I’m always glad to not be driving when my hands are jittering and my eyes fluttering. I hate caffeine.

It was cool to see my friends. It wasn’t what I expected and we didn’t really do anything that fun (except for go-karts). I enjoyed talking to Mark about life and hearing some of his stories. A lot of them were pretty crazy, and those were generally the ones which involved night-life in German towns. Yeah.

Life goes on… today is going to be busy. I’m in a state of perpetual tiredness right now and really wishing for some time to just sleep. This weekend is a Navigator’s conference in Iowa called Main Event. It’s also Fall Break though, so no school next Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll throw up a BFP later today if my brain comes up with any fun ideas. Latez.