Short rant:
Never leave your backpack behind your chair. I did, and I left it there. Fortunately it was rescued by a kind woman who gave it to a kind man. The kind man called me, told me he had it, and we both hang up. Then, through some odd fluke of three-way-calling I ended up talking to the kind woman when she was trying to call the kind man. Is it coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of homework to do. It’s 10PM and I’ve still got two tests to study for and a paper to write. Had a good chance to talk to a friend Cramer, though, so it was worth losing an hour.

Lacking Charge

Short rant:
Never buy a low-end PalmPilot if you can afford one that has a rechargeable battery. They eat through those AAAs like crazy if you use it a lot. And if you ever have the thing crash because of low batteries or whatever, it SUCKS to lose stuff on there. Having to reenter important meetings that didn’t get backed up yet or even seemingly easy checkbook info or something is a pain. So yeah. The moral of this rant is: Rechargeable and backup often.

Boring stuff:
Finished reading “The Visitation” last night. That’s about all I did after dinner. Then I slept 9 hours. Today I’ve got a bit of homework to do (“Lord of the Flies” essay and study for East Asian Civilization exam).