A Poem by Erundur Anwamehtar

Champagne bubbles pour frothy white
into a vessel set to sail hand-to-mouth
then transfer the passenger
to its final destination.

The crystal cavern fades
as a new monastic home emerges
and ensnares
the liquid for use at budding centers of thoughtless taste.

The traveler in the tube goes on in
aimless lemming style, because
in the end, nothing even matters.
Hours later, the system is still flushing
final remnants; lounging hobos waste away.
The journey ends as the vision bends to fit swirling porcelain walls.

This is why I don’t travel
in excess.

New Address

Yo! Ok, quick site info update: will now get you to this site. Easier then remembering the IP address, isn’t it? Please realize thought that this is hosted on my own computer and therefore is only running when my computer is.

And now, onto the really important stuff….

Yesterday was ok. I’m doing better today as far as not being so angry at life. I was up late doing homework (should’ve done it before Bible study and gov’t last night, but didn’t…). Went to class anyway. Woohoo. I’ve had some Code Red today for an energy boost. I wrote a new poem during Int’l Relations today which I might type up and toss on here later. It’s more interesting than it is whiny or pessimistic.

Get some ApologetiX music. They’re “The Christian Weird-Al.” They’ve got some mp3 samples available for free download. I recommend. “Play that funny music, riiiiight boy.”