The Origins of the Digital Hobo

My name is (deleted), and I’ve recently (as of today) started referring to myself as the “Digital Hobo” in the third person. I’m just a typical college student and hopefully my blog isn’t the same as most of the other typically odd and strange things you’ve become accustomed to. If it were, it would be boring, and then I would give up on it. So yeah. Enjoy.

Note: All posts from September 17, 2007 to October 2, 2002 are reimported manually from an old, expired Blogger account back when I used to call myself the “Digital Hobo.” I was fortunate to find I had a backup in a Zip file on a CD I burned sometime in 2003. Some of the content has been changed from the original to protect the identity of those responsible for its creation (aka me). The post you are reading is the first blog post I ever made. At the time, I even had it hosted on my computer and when I slept my blog was inaccessible. Oh, the memories.